Air Force BMT is split up into weeks, from Week Zero to Week Seven and Airmen’s Week.


Week Zero is in-processing for your future airmen, where he will get a haircut, be issued gear, and be assigned his flight and individual duty. He will also learn the very basics of drill and dorms.

Week 1 is where training really starts. Your recruit will learn the basics of life in the Air Force and start physical training. He’ll also start learning Air Force history and drill.

Week 2 continues your recruit’s education in Air Force history, fitness, ethics, and weapons maintenance.


Week 3 begins your recruit’s training in combat and armed conflict, and anti-terrorism. He will also be issued his service uniform (dress blues) and learn how to properly wear it.

In Week 4, your recruit will go through the dreaded gas chamber along with other trainings, including firing positions, tactical movement and defensive fighting positions.

Week 5 is considered the hardest week of training. He will go out on field exercises and experience simulated combat scenarios.

Week 6 includes final evaluations, including physical training, drill, reporting and courtesies.


This is the week you’ve been waiting for- Graduation Week! You’ll be reunited with your recruit and see him officially become an airman of the United States Air Force.


This is basically the transition between BMT and tech school, where your new airman will learn to be an airman rather than a recruit.

If you’d like to learn more about exactly what your airman will go through in BMT, you can visit this page to see BMT’s exact schedule.