School of Infantry

Marine Corps School of Infantry

After Boot Camp and ten days of well-deserved leave, your Marine will ship out to School of Infantry at either Camp Geiger or Camp Pendleton. There are two different training courses at SOI- Infantry Training Battalion and Marine Combat Training- and which one your Marine is assigned depends on his military occupational specialty.


Infantry Training Battalion

The Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) trains any new Marines with a 0300 military occupational specialty, including the following:

  • Infantry Marine (0300)
  • Infantry Rifleman (0311)
  • Infantry Marine Gunner (0331)
  • Infantry Mortarman (0341)
  • Infantry Assault Marine (0351)
  • Infantry Anti-Tank Missile Gunner Course (0352)

During this 59-day training, your new Marine will learn all of the combat tactics he’ll need to know to operate as an infantryman in the Marine Corps operational force. Your Marine will receive classroom and field instruction in convoy operations, improvised explosive devices, defensive and offensive operations, and scenario training. Once he’s completed the 59-day training, your Marine will be assigned their infantry MOS and report to their respective unit.

Marine Combat Training

Marine Combat Training is a condensed basic infantry training course for non-infantry military occupational specialties. This 29-day course is mandatory for all Marines before they move on to their primary MOS. During this training, your Marine will be taught weapons skills, convoy operations, combat hunter skills, tactical communications and land navigation. Along with these skills, combat conditioning hikes, fitness runs, and Marine Corps Martial Arts sustainment will continue to be emphasized.

After your Marine graduates from MCT, he will move on to his Military Occupational School to train in his MOS.