Air Force


Air Force Basic Military Training

The Air Force’s Basic Military Training takes place over the course of eight weeks, including Airmen’s Week that takes place at the end of training. Regardless of your trainee’s hometown and military occupational specialty, they will be sent to the Air Force’s only BMT location, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in San Antonio, Texas.


When your loved one arrives at San Antonio International Airport, they will be greeted by a BMT Reception Center Military Training Instructor (MTI). This will be the first of several MTIs that will guide your trainee through the next eight and a half weeks of BMT. After meeting their MTI, your trainee will be given the chance to call you and let you know that he or she has arrived safely in San Antonio. Your trainee will be given one more phone call within 72 hours to give you the mailing address they will be using for the duration of BMT. You can find more information about mail and basic training here.


Other than the two phone calls within 72 hours of arrival in San Antonio, there are no guaranteed phone privileges for your trainee, so it’s best not to expect any calls. However, phone privileges can be granted to your trainee by performing well and keeping their MTI happy.

You should treat letters the same way. BMT is a very busy, stressful, and hectic time, so your trainee probably won’t have much time to write more than a couple of letters during the eight and a half week period. However, it’s very important that you write to your trainee as often as you can, and to keep your letters as cheerful as possible. Letters keep your trainee’s spirits up and help them get through the challenges and loneliness that they will face.


The Air Force’s Basic Training is split up into weeks, from Week Zero to Airmen’s Week. Each week of training has a different focus, from drill to combat training. To learn more about the different weeks of Basic Military Training, click here.


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