Five Tips to Survive Your S/O’s Basic Training

The day is finally here. Your significant other has left home to start his journey to become a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. You may have conflicted emotions- proud and happy for him taking this next step in his life, afraid for his health and safety, worried how the distance and time apart will …

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Basic Training Graduation Gifts

Great ideas for those with graduations coming up!

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Basic Training Graduation is an incredible accomplishment. Your service member will have just endured weeks of mental and physical exhaustion in order to join the United States Military. We’ve asked former service members and active duty what some of the best/most practical Basic Training Graduation Gifts are.

Military Exchange Gift Card

Although it may not seem like the greatest of gifts, your service member will need to purchase A LOT of items from the Exchange throughout their career. The small odds and ends items they need can really add up.  The Exchange gift card is not only an easy to purchase gift, but also a very practical and much appreciated gift. Exchange gift cards can also be used to purchase personal items. You will never go wrong with an Exchange Gift Card.

AFES Gift Card (Air Force and Army)
MCX (Marine Corps)

You can also purchase Military Exchange…

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Letters to Deployed Soldiers Now Free Through the Veterans of Foreign Wars

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Hollywood has done a great job of making writing letters to deployed soldiers seem glamorous and romantic, but the truth is there is nothing fun about having a loved one sent overseas. Being thousands of miles apart from the one you love with little to no communication for months is never easy.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars knows about these hardships all too well, and has partnered withSandboxxto cover the cost of the next 4,500 Letters sent to deployed service members.

There are approximately 15,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen currently deployed to war zones. While access to technology is more ubiquitous than ever before, many service members can only receive physical mail and care packages from home while they are overseas.

Sandboxx makes it easier and faster to send mail to overseas service members through the Letters feature on the app. Families and friends of deployed service members…

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A Letter To My Past Self | Dealing With a S/O at Basic Training

The most important person in your life has seemingly and suddenly vanished. You said goodbye to him, you gave him a kiss and a hug and left with ten long weeks or longer of waiting stretched between your next meeting. Even if you’ve tried to prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming challenges, nothing truly prepared …

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